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Hair Salon Packages

Hair Salon Packages for a Quick Salon Opening & Easy Choice

Do you want to find stylish furniture for your salon without all the headache? You've came to the right place!

Choose from one of our salon furniture packages that were specifically designed to match with another element of the salon setting. For example, a Bella III backwash unit being the mother of the salon with 3 Bello styling chairs as its daughters, ready to serve all your clients' needs.

Come and check out our highly curated selection of salon furniture packages.

DIR Anode Salon Package


DIR Beckman + 3x Meteor Salon Package

$1,997.00 $2,214.00

DIR Bella III Backwash Unit + 3x Bello Styling Chairs Salon Package


DIR Fiore Backwash Unit + 3x Fiorellino Styling Chairs Salon Package