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Human Touch

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Plus

The human body is naturally balanced, graceful and beautiful. That is why Human Touch made escaping gravity’s adverse effects as easy as leaning back. The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Manual Plus features a fluid manual recline that uses the body’s own weight to gently ease into all recline angles. The iconic Perfect Chair architecture features extended armrests, elongated head pillow and ergonomic lumbar support. The zero-gravity ergonomics are still the best in the industry, and endorsed by physicians as the healthiest way to sit. Stylish design cues, premium upholstery, and comfort make it perfect for any décor. Welcome to the perfection of perfect.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Plus Features

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Head Pillow

Full Support Head Pillow

The comfort pillow of the Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Plus cradles the head and neck while providing ergonomic support.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Extended Armrest

Extended Armrests

The wide and long armrests of the Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Plus give constant support even as the chair reclines into zero-gravity.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Manual Recline

Recline Lever

The smooth recline motion eases back the Perfect Chair to position your body in a state of virtual weightlessness.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Adjustable Lumbar

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The adjustable lumbar system is equipped with a release valve, allowing you to customize your seating comfort.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Customization

Customize Your Chair

Choose from premium and top-grain leathers, and solid wood-based finishes to create the perfect Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Plus.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Design


Sleek ergonomic pad design with sculpted leg accents with integrated floor guides. High-tensile-strength steel body frame provides protection against rust and discoloration. Hand-carved and hand-stained 100% renewable solid parawood base.

Benefits of Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Chairs have taken full advantage of the relief and relaxation made possible when the body assumes the Neutral Body Posture position. Through these advances, it has been discovered that many other relaxation and health benefits occur during this position. The human body experiences less pressure on the spine because of the distribution of forces across the body, reduced muscle tension because of the natural relaxation effect of the posture, less pressure on the heart as it has to work less to pump blood through the body, increased lung capacity because of the expanded lungs in the neutral position, and increased circulation and blood oxygen levels because of the ripple effect of greater lung capacity and decreased stress on the heart. All of this is made possible by raising the legs above the heart and assuming a zero gravity position taking compression pressure off off the spine.

Maximum Relaxation in the Neck and Back

The human spine is designed in an 'S' shaped curve and divided into 3 regions: neck, upper back, and lower back. When there isn't pressure on the muscles of the spine at any curve, we achieve a natural position of the spine. In a Zero Gravity chair or lounger, the torso and thighs are in perfect alignment, the feet relaxed above the level of the heart and head, and the hips and the ankles create a 90 degree angle between them. This results in a neutral position of the spine where gravitational forces do not affect it. It's design supports the natural curves of the spine along with the upper and lower back. Thus the neck and back are completely free of muscle tension and pain.

Relief to the Muscles

In a variety of relaxation positions, we unknowingly put pressure on our lower back (think sitting at a desk all day, then sitting on a couch at home.) When a person enters into a Zero Gravity position, the muscles are released from this pressure and oxygen rich blood can relax the muscles completely.

Expansion of the Lungs

When an open angle is created between the torso and thighs, more space is created for the diaphragm to expand. This results in an increase in of oxygen from the air and expanded lungs and promotes deeper breathing. All of these things will allow for a better blood flow bringing more oxygen to all parts of your body.

Less Pressure on the Heart

In a zero gravity position, the blood flow from the heart actually changes. When a human is in an upright position, the heart is required to work against the force of gravity to pump blood to the extremities. In a reclined position, the situation is obviously reversed. Blood flows into the heart with the support of gravity as opposed to against it, essentially accommodating the heart's natural function.

Product Video

Product Warranty

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Manual Plus Warranty

Human Touch covers their Perfect Chair PC-420 with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. This includes a 1 year of In-Home Service, 3 Years of Parts Coverage, and 5 Years of Structural Framework coverage.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic Warranty

Human Touch covers their Perfect Chair PC-610 with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. This includes a 3 years of In-Home Service, 3 Years of Parts Coverage, and 5 Years of Structural Framework coverage.

Human Touch 5 Year Extended Warranty

On the Human Touch Perfect Chairs, there is a 5 year extended warranty available. This will cover your purchase from top to bottom for 5 years. This means 5 years In-Home Service, 5 years of Parts, and 5 years of Structural Framework.

Customers can contact Human Touch Customer Experience department between 6:00AM and 5:00PM PST, Monday through Friday, at 800-355-2762 or via e-mail

Download Warranty


Manufacturer Human Touch
Country of Manufacture China
Zero Gravity Yes
Air Massage No
Adjustable Headrest Yes
Adjustable Ottoman No
Vibration No
Heat None
Memory Foam None
Recommended Weight (lbs) 285lbs.
Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 47"L X 31"W X 51"H
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 63"L X 31"W X 26"H
Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") 38"L X 31"W X 27"H
Shipping Weight 82
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