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Work Stations & Trolleys

Organizing your beauty salon is a vital part of your business. Work stations and trolley carts will help you organize, manage and store your dryer, curling iron and other tools within reach. Chairs that Give offers ergonomic trolleys with antique and contemporary designs that will suit your beauty salon, spa or barber shop. Our large collection of rolling carts and trolleys offers many functionalities including large storage spaces, dryer and accessory compartments and most importantly it has numerous drawers to keep your place neat and tidy. All trolley carts and workstations are mounted on durable roller wheels or roll-about casters for easy maneuver. Some hairdressing trolley carts has pull out side tray for extra space. Whether you are searching for trolleys with lock features or heat resistance top panel, at Chairs that Give you can find the perfect furniture for your spa. Works great for busy stylists, beautician, nail tech and barbers! Chairs that Give helps you in creating a spacious and organized salon.

DIR Shampoo Cart Work Station

$277.00 $289.00
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DIR Trolley Cart Eskarne Work Station

$267.00 $289.00
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USA Salon & Spa Abel Trolley

$159.00 $189.00
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USA Salon & Spa Abel+ Trolley

$259.00 $269.00
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USA Salon & Spa Arcus Trolley

$129.00 $149.00
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USA Salon & Spa Dante Trolley

$219.00 $229.00
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USA Salon & Spa Dante+ Trolley

$269.00 $279.00
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USA Salon & Spa Dual Trolley

$240.00 $260.00
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USA Salon & Spa Extend Trolley

$159.00 $189.00
SAVE 15.87%

USA Salon & Spa Violet Trolley

$109.00 $155.00
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USA salon & Spa Element Trolley

$219.00 $245.00
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